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“IT-tjej” – new Facebook page

May I present the new Facebook page for the Swedish Women in IT community “IT-tjej”. It has been a lot of fun playing around with it. For the Facebook tab application I used Pagemodo which has a lot of nice templates to this purpose.


Computer Engineer Barbie – my bookshelf trophy

I was never a Barbie-girl. As a child I preferred Lego, My little Pony, Forrest Family and more, but I never like Barbie. I even remember one Christmas where my sister got the coolest hippest My Little Pony (well in my eight year old eyes it was!) while I got a Barbie in a fancy dress. My sad puppy eyes had my mother rectify the problem the next day by taking me to the toy store and returning the doll in favour of a pink horse, with wings. I was as happy as I could be and I never got a Barbie ever again.

Now, as an adult, I proudly display my very first Barbie in my bookshelf. Well why shouldn’t I? It’s Computer Engineer Barbie, complete with her own laptop and smartphone. I strongly believe that if we are to encourage more women to consider careers in the IT-business we need to make the notion of women as carriers of technology know-how as something natural. Perhaps Computer Engineer Barbie will spark a tech-interest in young girls and open a new world of possibilities for them. It is our responsibility as adults to change the view of women in IT, beginning with our children.

At least I know exactly what I will give my niece M when she turns five later this year!



Sneak-peak of a new Facebook page

This weekend I have spent a lot of time working on a new Facebook page for the Swedish Women in IT blog community which I am a part of (www.ittjej.se). I can easily loose my self in working on tab app designs, Facebook strategies etc, it’s all so much fun! The page should be ready for launch soon, it just need a few more tweaks. In the mean time, here is a sneak-peak on the final result.

What do you think makes a compelling Facebook page?


WinIT: Networking event for Women in IT

Last week I attended a networking event for women in the IT-business called WinIT. Sogeti hosted the brand new network in co-operation with IT-tjej (a Swedish blog-network for Women in IT, where I also blog) 170 participants showed up for a nice evening of mingling and interesting sessions.

Susanne Nee Schill talked about the future, technology and humanity. How we in this very moment actually exist in the future and that it is important to take a concious decision on how we want to approach it. What is your own relation to technology? Are you an early adopter, part of the mainstream group or perhaps you avoid shiny new things as long as possible? Since I love new gadgets, social networks and programs I definately feel at home with the early adopters.

Pingis Hadenius, Publisher at IDG held a very interesting session about courage. Pingis herself has made an eventful career journey in the media business and it was very rewarding to listen to her own experiences. As women we need to get better at taking on new challenges, says Pingis. Thinking that we need to be overqualified to have courage to take that new job/assignment/tasks is a recurring pattern. Courage, courage, courage. This is the key to making your dreams come true!

Pingis also spoke about the importance of maintaining a good balance between all aspects of life: professional, health, economy, ideal and social. Only you can determine what is important in your life and how you should prioritize and divide the 24 hours of each day.

I look forward to initiatives like WinIT and I will definitely be part of this network. Next event is arranged in March 2012 so I will keep you updated on my participation here.

Later this week I will share with you an interview with Pingis Hadenius.

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