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On the set of “The Big Bang Theory”

Yesterday I had the privilege to sit in the audience of a taping of the TV-series “The Big Bang Theory”.  The show is about a group of nerdy and smart guys and their female neighbour Penny. The jokes run high about everything from Star Trek and comic books to complicated theories in physics. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to bring any cameras, so I have no pictures from the studio to show you.

After having read recommendations online, I went out to the Warner Brother Studios early and was in the line by 2 pm (the show started at 6.30 pm). This turned out to be a good strategy because even though I had a confirmed ticket (as opposed to others who only had stand-by tickets) there were already almost 50 people in the line. Being on a show for the first time, I didn’t think of bringing a book or something to pass the time with. So it was a couple of boring hours before they escorted us inside at 4 pm. to start the check-in process.

My place in the line resulted in a perfect spot in the audience, right in front of Sheldon’s and Leonard’s appartment. A comedian entertained us throughout the evening, and it all started with a showing of last weeks taping. Since season 5 hasn’t started in Sweden yet I won’t reveal what happened!

When the taping begang the entire cast presented themselves to screams and applauds that could have brought down the house! The actual shooting went extremely fast and smoothly. You can tell that the series is on it’s fifth season since it all progressed with few hickups. A maximum of 2, sometimes 3 takes was all that it took. This mostly because the director wanted to try different nuanses in the lines. It was only a few times which the actors lost their lines.

Halfway through we were offered pizza and water, and between takes there was a lot of games and entertainment, both from the comedian and the audience. Unfortunately, the episode we were watching did not have that much focus on Sheldon and the guys geeking around (which I love), but a special appearance of a bird resulted in some challenges from both trainers and actors alike, which was extremely fun to watch.

The taping took three hours, from start to end, but it felt like only one! After the final curtain call I was determined to try and get some autographs, and I did! Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj, stayed for a while signing for his fans. Unfortunately he was the only one from the cast doing so. The comedian also gave out a few signed photos with autographs from the entire cast, and I managed to snagg one of those as well!

Now I will have to wait patiently until the episode is aired back home in Sweden. Who, knows, maybe I will hear my own laughter? Because laughed I have! So much in fact that I am a bit hoarse today! I would like to do this again!


The Big Bang Theory

Life at its best is when you get to combine business with pleasure. Being in the city of entertainment itself I am doing just that. And what better pleasure than to be able to sit in the audience of a taping of my favourite TV-show at the moment? I have managed to get my hands on a ticket to “The Big Bang Theory”. Nerd humour at its best!

Tomorrow I am going to Warner Brother Studios where the show is taping. Unfortunately we are strictly forbidden to bring cameras, so I will have to relay the evening through the written word afterwords.


LA sightseeing at The Grove

On my first day in LA i decided to do some light sightseeing and just enjoy the nice warm weather. I went to the shopping district called “The Grove”.  The entire place was decorated for Halloween which was a lot of fun to see. Halloween is not a Swedish tradition (although it has grown in popularity with the kids in the last 10 years) so I am not that used to seeing grown ups and children alike dressed up in full costume in the middle of the day.

Beside all the pumpkins and spooky stuff it is easy to see that Christmas is just around the corner with christmas lights and trees popping up everywhere. At The Grove they were in the process of raising a huge tree which will look really nice I think once it’s all done. I must admit however that walking around in shorts and sunglasses so close to Christmas is a first for me!

Being a TechGirl I can’t help but notice tech-related things in my everyday life. Here I passed the Apple store which had a huge line outside with people waiting for something. I did not quite understand what the commotion was all about, but I am guessing they are waiting for their iphone 4S.



BlogWorld and New Media Expo

As I am writing this post, many people back home in Sweden are finishing of their day at work. Here in LA it is barely 9 am in the morning and I have just finished breakfast and done some work. On Saturday I travelled to LA in order to attend a large Social Media conference by the name of “BlogWorld and New Media Expo”. Several well known international profiles within the area will attend. Some of them are even the authors of Social Media books in my posession.

This is a conference which I have followed with great interest for several years. Now this year I get to attend myself! Between November 3-5 I will listen to interesting sessions, network and simply be inspired.

For those of you who are interested, you can follow the conference on twitter via #BWELA.


Adventure in the Clouds

Flying from Stockholm to Los Angeles is a long trip, 15 hours of actual flight time, plus all the time going to and from the airport, checking in etc. So all in all it took me 24 hours from the time I left my home until I entered my hotel room here in Los Angeles. However, I am most greatful that it only took 24 hours. This because we had  a little adventure in Zurich, where I was to change flights.

Having 60 minutes between flights it seemed to be perfectly planned with connecting flights, where I would casually stroll of the Stockholm flight and make my way over to the LA bound aircraft. Not this time! As we prepared for landing and descended, the plane suddenly took of again going back up into the clouds. The captain informed us that due to heavy fog we would be delayed for 50 minutes. I was not the only passenger becoming somewhat stressed out with the prospect of perhaps missing our connecting flights.

After a while we were informed what our flights would try to wait for us, but we would have to hurry as quickly as possible. When we acutally touched the ground I (together with some other passengers) ran as fast as we could across the airport. After 10 minutes of running it became apparent to me just how large the Zurich aiport is! We even hade to take an underground train to get to the right gate-area. All in all (besides the unplanned work-out session) I boarded the plane with a few minutes to spare.

The rest of the flight was more uneventfull and I spent the time watching movies and reading. I took a taxi from the aiport and checked into the hotel where I am currently most eager to find out if the bed is as comfy as it looks! Good night!

Fog rolling across the landscape above Zurich.

Fog rolling across the landscape above Zurich.



Los Angeles – here I come!

I am all packed for my trip across the pond. Tomorrow I am boarding a flight which will take me to Los Angeles via Zurich. The reason for my visit to the States is a large Social Media Conference called “BlogWorld Expo. I will tell you all about it in the upcoming days. Right now I have to get some sleep as I have to rise bright and early at 5.30 am and go to the airport. See you on the other side!

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