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The Englishmen love their tea!

The Englishmen really love their tea, and so do I!

During my visit to London last week I took a stroll into Selfridge, one of the larger malls on Oxford streets, and saw this tea-cup with my name on it. Being one of few in the office who don’t enjoy coffee I feel that flaunting this Facebook-like-tea-cup is the perfect way to show my affection for this beverage.

In addition, Twinings have released a special blend in celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee which can be found everywhere in England I pressume. Quite tasty actually!


Royal birth on Facebook

The Swedish crown-princess Victoria is expecting her first child any day now. This, of course, has become a hot topic in the magazines and around the coffe machine.

Evidently, the birth of the future Swedish King or Queen is accompanied by a bunch of ceremonies and rules. In a press release from the Royal Court we can read the following:

“On the occasion of a royal birth, the Marshal of the Realm notifies the nation’s leaders of the birth. A press release from the Marshal of the Realm will then be published at www.kungahuset.seexternal link and at www.facebook.com/kungahusetexternal link.”

The royal family has thus entered the 21th century by having an announcement made on Facebook. I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg ever thought his university project would influence century old royal traditions?

Sticking with the more old-school routines there will also be held a cabinet meeting with the government, a salute fired on several places around the country, a special mass in church (Te Deum) etc etc.

I can’t help but think that they should all leave the mother and father to be alone. The birth of a child is stressful as it is without having the attention of millions of people eagerly waiting for news the closer we come to the due-date. I mean, what if (I pray it won’t) something goes wrong? Even with the advanced medical knowledge we have today the unexpected can still occur.

What princess Victoria and her husband Daniel really need is to prepare for this life-changing event without the additional stress knowing that the second their child draws its first breath we can read about it on Facebook.

I am all for social networks and the wonders it can do for reporting news almost even before they happen, but there are times when this is not appropriate.


Sneak-peak of a new Facebook page

This weekend I have spent a lot of time working on a new Facebook page for the Swedish Women in IT blog community which I am a part of (www.ittjej.se). I can easily loose my self in working on tab app designs, Facebook strategies etc, it’s all so much fun! The page should be ready for launch soon, it just need a few more tweaks. In the mean time, here is a sneak-peak on the final result.

What do you think makes a compelling Facebook page?


Holiday Gift Tip 14: Social Pillows

“Peace on earth will come to stay, When we live Christmas every day.”
Helen Steiner Rice

What: Do you know someone who just can’t get enough of Social Media? If you do, then check in these comfy social pillows. Perfect for the couch, bed or just in close proximity to the computer. Choose between several different social networks and services such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google, RSS and more. Santa, if you happen to read my advent calendar then I just want to inform you that I wouldn’t mind finding a pillow or two beneath the christmas tree!

Place to buy: Etsy


Holiday Gift Tip 1: Facebook stamps

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree
is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other”
Burton Hillis

What: Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? Do you “like” people’s posts and pictures? Well now you won’t need a computer or a cell-phone in order to express your opinions. With these fun Facebook stamps you can both Like and Dislike IRL! I have to admit that I have ordered a set myself. Me Like! 

Where to buy: Amazon


Developing for Facebook 101

Yesterday I attended a course by the name of  ”Orientation in Development for Facebook”. Since Facebook constitutes a large part of my working hours every day I am always eager to learn more about the technical aspects of the platform. This especially since Facebook has a tendency to be very light on their feet when it comes to implementing changes, but perhaps not too focused on clearly  communicating their plans for doing so out to the public.

This course is the first one I have come across which takes on the developing perspective (instead of the more marketing oriented type courses) which I found to be very interesting. The teacher guided the class through the day in a very clear manner and went through everything from Social Plugins to the Open Graph and Oauth 2.0. Much of the material was already known to me, but to see all the pieces of the puzzle in a larger context was very educational. Besides the more theoretical parts of the course we also got to see some practical examples of how one easily can add Like Buttons of Comment Boxes on your webpage.

I was probably the only participant with a solid technical background and my questions during the course were of course focused on my needs and level of expertise. The course does however aim its curriculum towards anyone who comes in contact with Facebook projects in some way, whether it be as a project manager, customer or in a management position.  I think this is a very good approach since businesses should not simply rely on agencies coming up with fancy concepts for a campaign/project without having a foundational understanding themselves on how the platform works and what can and can’t be done.

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