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A good consultant?


To work as a consultant with a customer requires a high level of competence and social skills. A consultant does not only represent her/him-self in their professional role but also the company which she/he works for.

A couple of years ago, before my first consultant assignment I made a list of how I define a good consultant. When I was done, I realized that the list did not have any reference to the technical competence. I simply took this for granted. Instead, it focused on behaviours and actions which contribute to enhance the customer relation and the completion of the assignment.

I take this list out now and again to browse throught it. I do this so I can evaluate my own performance and continue striving towards becoming a better consultant.

What do you think? What constitutes a good consultant?



I have as of today watched the first 36 episodes of the PMPrepCast (the video podcast helping me for the PMP exam). The nice green color represents finished episodes, and though it might not be easy to see, it also states that I have successfully managed to keep my deadline of watching all the episodes on the first page in August. Phew! Just made it.

36 down, 81 to go! :)


PMP Study Materials

Ok, so I have decided to pass the PMP exam. Easy? Not exactly. The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions to be answered over a 4 hour period. The topics covers a wide range of subjects from the PMBok Guide (shown to the left below), i.e the Project Management Framework in use here. The book itself is, sorry to say it, a snooze. There is no way any sane person can honestly say that they have read it from cover to cover without their eyes drooping. This is a wellknown fact within the pmp community. Instead, the PmBok Guide should be seen as a reference book which you continuously come back to during your studies.

Hence, I need to look elsewhere for material which will make me PMP-exam ready. I have settled for three additional study resources:

* “The PMP Exam – How to Pass on your first Try” - by Andy Crowe. The book is really intuitive and easy to read and understand. The author guides you through the heavy material and gives valuable tips for the actual exam. I can higly recommend it! It also comes with a 2 week trial for a website which offers online preparation exams.

* “The PMPrepCast” - by Cornelius Fichtner. This is a Video Podcast with over 30 hours of material. For me this is a lifesaver on my 3 hour daily commute. I have to date gone through almost 30 episodes and can only give it two thumbs up! Cornelius also hosts a very popular Project Management Podcast which also is very educational for Project Management Professionals.

* “PMP Exam Prep” – by Rita Mulcahy. I haven’t bought this book yet, but from what others have said, this is also a must have when it comes to the preparation materials. I will have to get back to you on that one. But I intend to order it any day now from Amazon.

The PMP Exam requires a lot of studying…

PMP Certification

During the spring of this year, I was trying to figure out the best way for me to further enhance my Project Management skills. I knew that I had a solid base with both educational experience from the university as well as having worked as a Project Manager in the past. However, during a conversation with my elder brother (also a Project Manager) I learned of something called the PMP certification. The Project Management Professional certification is a credential given by the Project Management Institute, PMI, to skilled professionals in the field of Project Management.

My brother had then just recently passed his PMP exam and highly recommended this certification. It would both give me a deep understanding of a commonly used Project Management framework as well as function as an official statement of my knowledge level. Said and done, I did some research of my own and came to the conclusion that the PMP certification was my next goal in my professional development. Just before the summer I obtained all of the material that I will need, and two weeks ago I started my journey towards my PMP exam. It will take a couple of months, and a lot of hard work. But I am determined to succeed and will of course discuss my progress (or lack thereof) here on TechGirl. Wish me luck!

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