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Desktop lunches – no more!

I love my work, I really do. Working with Social Media which is a great passion of mine and coming to work and tackling new challenges on a daily basis gives me great satisfaction.

When I get in “the zone” I have a tendency to forget things such as taking breaks. Desktop lunches have been a somewhat too frequent habit of mine. It’s so easy, just run down, grab a sallad and then continue solving that pesky code problem, reading up on the latest changes in the Facebook API or some great revelation exposed by Mashable.

Well, this is about to change! We all need breaks now and then, I know this. So as of today I am giving myself a challenge: No Desktop lunches for 4 weeks!



Office with a view

Today I have no meetings or events so I have decided to use the day to catch up on some work that has been piling up.

One of my consultant assignments needs a bit of attention, planning for Issue #2 for TechWoman Magazine (which will of course feature an article from my BlogHer experience), prepping some blogposts for TechGirl as well as my Swedish blog “Karriäristen”, follow up on all the business opportunities I have made during this trip so far, go through my notes from my meeting with IBM last week (for an article in the magazine), work on one of my projects for the upcoming fall/winter, do some technical maintenance on my blogs etc.

But I am not complaining. Sitting by the pool at the hotel here in Palo Alto with my laptop and WiFi connection it has to be the best office I have had so far!

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London and the Queens Diamond Jubilee

This week I have been working in London. The capital of England has welcomed me with wonderful warm and sunny weather. I won’t be flying back home to Sweden until Sunday evening, so I am currently at the hotel trying to plan my weekend.

Normally, I would easily combine work with pleasure, walking around and simply enjoying the city. However, this weekend, all of London, and England are celebrating  the Queens Diamond Jubilee as she has been on the trone for 60 years now.

In other word, there are going to be hords of people attending some of all the events that are taking place. On my part I will have to try and navigate through the crowds the best that I can. Wish me luck!


A good consultant?


To work as a consultant with a customer requires a high level of competence and social skills. A consultant does not only represent her/him-self in their professional role but also the company which she/he works for.

A couple of years ago, before my first consultant assignment I made a list of how I define a good consultant. When I was done, I realized that the list did not have any reference to the technical competence. I simply took this for granted. Instead, it focused on behaviours and actions which contribute to enhance the customer relation and the completion of the assignment.

I take this list out now and again to browse throught it. I do this so I can evaluate my own performance and continue striving towards becoming a better consultant.

What do you think? What constitutes a good consultant?

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