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Vision Board

One great take away from BlogHer is the making of a Vision Board for your life/blog/business. I am usually a list-person. I have lists for what I wish to accomplish in my career, with my job etc.

However, lists are fine when the goals are clear and easily defined. What about those dreams that are still somewhat blurry and out of focus. You know a little about the direction you want to take for something in your life, but no matter how much you squint you just can’t see a clear picture of what you want to do and what you want to become.

I always review my plans at the end of each summer. At this time I am well rested from my vacation and often perceptive to new ideas for the future. So, taking my inspiration from BlogHer I will this year try my hand at making a visionboard for my career, my blog and my business.

Instead of specific details I wish to accomplish (such as different industry certification or project management courses) I will aim more for the big picture. Where do I see my self in 5 years? What makes me thrive and grow as a business woman. What skill sets do I want to develop?

I have started to look through magazines and collect images and cutting out sections that inspire me and will keep you updated on my progress.

Do you make vision boards?


BrainStorming – a matter of timing

I just love this “Do not disturb sign” which was offered at my hotel in San Francisco. Instead of a boring sign they put their creative touch on the concept and refered to their guests in need of privacy when a burst of inspiration hits them.

“BrainStorm – It’s really coming down in here. Better wait ’til it clears up.”

For most people, the sign is probably a way to get some more sleep in the mornings. But for me, it actually hit spot on to what I often do in hotel rooms when travelling.

My most creative brain stormingsessions tends to occur at airports or hotels. At airports, because when I wait for flights, there isn’t much else to do but think – so I think. When travelling, my experiences often triggers some ideas for blogposts, future projects or even solutions to problems I have been struggling with at work – hence the need for a “Brain Storm in session” sign for when I am at the hotel.

When or where are you most creative?


Business cards for every occasion

Who ever your are, whatever job you have, whatever your goals with your career are, I think you should have a set of business cards!

There are a lot of discussions going on regarding the value of business cards. Some people firmly proclaim that physical business cards are an old way of initiating contact. Now a days, there are several different services both in your mobile (Bump) and online (LinkedIn) which replaces the need to hand out pieces of paper to strangers.

In the other ring corner we have the group of people who views business cards as a first point of contact where the informationis somewhat different compared to just a few years ago. Instead of name and titel we more often see Twitter handles, blog URLs and QR-codes on the cards.

My own point of view is that everyone should have atleast one set of business cards – and it needs to be aligned with your salespitch.

If your are representing a company, then you should have a business card in that capacity. If you wish to market your self (as a student, blogger or some one looking for a new job) then you need a business card that clearly states who you are and what you have to offer.

On my business trip to the US i brought with me two sets of business cards.

1) My personal brand as Kimmy Nordqvist

For the Blogher conference I attended in New York a couple of weeks ago, I primarily used my personal networking card (on the left above). As a blogger myself, I know that one of the most important contact information is the Twitter handle and the blog url. As I also work as a Social Media consultant, and offer a wide range of services, I ensured to add a url to my LinkedIn profile where prospective customers and partners can read more about my level of expertise.

With BlogHer having more than 5000 attendees I knew that it would be difficult to remember faces afterwards. To this end, I added a profile picture clearly visible on the front. As I now also go through the business cards I received during BlogHer I truly appreciate the ones that has a picture of the person I was talking to. It makes it much easier to recollect the discussion and person in question.

A business card is a sales pitch in a mini format. Therefore I chose to utilize the back of the business card to highlight some important keywords which reflects my services and my competence.

2) My company passionITe

If BlogHer was all about networking as individuals, SES was networking as a company. Even though I in my discussions with other people at the conference presented myself and what I do the setting was a little different compared to BlogHer. Here I was mostly representing my company when talking to sales people for different products or prospective customers that may be interested in the  consulting services we can offer.

Also here I have used the back of the card to list my own personal comptences which are relevant for the services that we offer.

Checklist for creating the perfect Business Card

So what should you think about when designing your own business cards? Here are the set of steps I use:

  1. Define your target group and goal – who will receive your card and what action to you want them to take afterwards?
  2. Ensure that the contact information matches the expectations of the target group – If they will never call you then don’t add your phone number.
  3. Go for a clean design – I use Vistaprint which has both a large set of templates (which I used for my personal Networking card) and you can also upload your own design (which I did for my company business card). Its easy, cheap and they have fast deliveries!
  4. Use a matte paper – this is a matter of taste. Personally I like to write a few notes on a business card that I have received and I want to make sure this is possible for my own cards. I therefore also like to use a white background with some empty space available for notes.
  5. Don’t be shy! – This is not the time to second guess yourself regarding your level of competence. Don’t lie or exaggerate but make sure you list your accomplishments that are relevant to your target audience.
  6. Picture or no picture? If you are marketing your self, then I suggest adding a profile picture. Make sure it’s a good one and not something you took your self with your smartphone in bad lighting and wearing sunglasses. Enlist the help of a friend and make an effort.
  7. Review and Redo –  Before each new event I am attending I ensure to look over my current business cards. Is the information still relevant? Has my target audience changed and therefore need some other contact information? Do I want to change the design? I always only order a small set of business cards (~250) so I easily can review and redo as I see fit.

What is important to you when designing your business card?


Home Sweet Home

After three weeks in the US I am finally back home in Stockholm, Sweden. It has been an incredibly inspiring trip which has sparked many ideas for future projects. Although I love to travel I think I need a couple of months now to process all the information and knowledge I have accumulated during the summer.

Being back home also means returning to my daily routine of going to work every day. I have fully charged my batteries during my vacation (and even during the adventures in New York and San Francisco) and look forward to getting up to speed with all my projects at my current consultant assignment and get back in the game.

TechWoman Magazine will also be a focus of mine during the fall, which is especially exciting after all the great reviews I have received.

All in all it has been a wonderful summer, but now I am ready for all the fun things that will happen this fall!


New York, BlogHer, President Obama and TechGirl


What do New York, President Obama and TechGirl in common?

Currently I am in New York, where I am attending the BlogHer conference, which is the largest conference in the world for blogging women. I have wanted to come here for several years, so it is with great expectations I have armed myself to the teetch with business cards, camera and a notepad.

There are a lot of interesting sessions on the agenda. One of them stands out a little more than the others. President Barack Obama himself hold todays closing keynote!



“What I really do”

Funny visualisations of different jobs are circulating online called “What I really do memes”. My favourite is this one depicting the Web developer hard at work. I can especially relate to the last picture, the frustration when code just refuse to behave as it should! :)


Women dream of careers nowhere near the IT sector

In the Metro newspaper there was an article a couple of weeks ago regarding what kind of jobs men and women dream of and comparing that to where there is a shortage of competence in different job areas.

In the left column we read professions such as Engineer, Developer, IT-architect followed further down in the list by tester and testleader within the IT-industry. These are the jobs that companies are searching high and low for people to employ.

The list in the middle states the jobs men dream of. In second place we find Engineer, only beaten by Entrepreneur taking place as the number one dreamjob. So far, there is a good match between the needs of the industry and the desires of men to work in this area. Other jobs also on the list are for example pilot, photographer, adventurer and inventor. Quite a broad range of titles I would say.

Furthest to the right we find the sad list of the jobs women dream of. I say sad, because even though doctor, veterinarian, author and human relations manager are all respectable jobs, it is a bad omen for the IT-industry that no IT-roles what so ever made it to this list.

Once again it is painfully evident that we have a very, very long way to go to ensure that we get more women in IT. If IT-jobs are not even something women dream of, then they will of course never consider it as a career.

So the million dollar question becomes: How do we get more women in IT? Well, I have a few ideas up my sleeve, which I will share with you readers throughout the year. So stay tuned!


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