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BlogHer 2012 Reflections

Blogher 2012 is over and all over the Internet blogposts about the conference are beginning to show up.

This was my first visit to both BlogHer and New York and it has taken me a few days to digest all the impressions I experienced. I am still in the US, but have relocated to Palo Alto in California which is a welcomed change of pace in comparison to the intense and somewhat hectic Big Apple.

So what did I think about BlogHer 2012? It is impossible to summarize all my thoughts into one blogpost. So until I have gone though all my pictures and notes I present to you some of my impressions:

  • Being at a Social Media Conference where the tracks ranged from everyhing from politics and mommyblogging to business tips and technical tutorials AND a majority of the 5000 participants where women was incredible!
  • One of the absolut highlights of the entire conference was having the opening keynote held by the President himself, Barack Obama on a video live-feed. It kind of tops any speaker I have ever listened to!
  • The positive feedback I have received regarding TechWoman Magazine made me very proud and happy! (more about this in a separate post)
  •  The feeling of an open and welcoming community which the participants at BlogHer brought with them makes networking and getting to know inspiring and ambitious women the highlight of the event.


New York, BlogHer, President Obama and TechGirl


What do New York, President Obama and TechGirl in common?

Currently I am in New York, where I am attending the BlogHer conference, which is the largest conference in the world for blogging women. I have wanted to come here for several years, so it is with great expectations I have armed myself to the teetch with business cards, camera and a notepad.

There are a lot of interesting sessions on the agenda. One of them stands out a little more than the others. President Barack Obama himself hold todays closing keynote!



TechWoman Magazine – Issue No. 1

The time has finally come for me to reveal one of my projects which has been in the making for sometime.

So without further ado, I hereby present to you the first issue of TechWoman Magazine. A brand new magazine about Women in Tech. We want to make a difference for gender equality in IT!

TechWoman Magazine is a free online magazine which will be published four times a year.

Clicke here to see more!


Conference wishlist

 Continuing on yesterdays post about conferences I have compiled a “Conference Wishlist” for 2012 for Social Media. If time and money were not an issue I would probably spend most of my time travelling the world to these events, meeting new people and learn new inspiring things every day.

Besides “Webbdagarna” which takes place in March here in Stockholm, I haven’t registered for any more conferences right now. But I assure you I will do my very best to be able to attend some of the events on the list.

What conferences will you attend this year?








January 2013

  • 8-11 – Las Vegas – CES

“Webbdagarna” conference, here I come!

In March the very popular conference “Webbdagarna” (swedish for “Webbdays”) is arranged here in Stockholm. I have been given the honor of a blog-pass for the event and will in that capacity report from the conference.

This will be my first time at Webbdagarna and when I look over the agenda I see several interesting sessions about Facebook and Social Media. Conferences always gives me a lot of inspiration, new ideas for projects and is a perfect venue for networking. So stay tuned for the 22-23 March and I will make sure to keep you updated of what’s new and hot in the world of Social Media.



Nobel festivities

Today is December 10th, which here in Sweden is significant because of the Nobel festivities. Except for the Peace Prize (which is presented in Oslo, Norway), the Nobel Prizes are presented in Stockholm at the annual Prize Award Ceremony on 10 December, the anniversary of Nobel’s death. The prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace were first awarded in 1901. After the award ceremony in Sweden, a banquet is held at the Stockholm City Hall, which is attended by the Swedish Royal Family and around 1,300 guests

For all of us who are not of royal blood or a recepient of the prize, we can still follow the event both on TV and online through live web-casts. Considering the strict etiquete which proceeds these events, such as being forced to sit through the tree hour long banquet without being allowed to rise or leave before the king, I much more prefer watching from the comfort of my home.

Looking through the video archive on SVT i found this clip from the 1953 festivities.


WinIT: Networking event for Women in IT

Last week I attended a networking event for women in the IT-business called WinIT. Sogeti hosted the brand new network in co-operation with IT-tjej (a Swedish blog-network for Women in IT, where I also blog) 170 participants showed up for a nice evening of mingling and interesting sessions.

Susanne Nee Schill talked about the future, technology and humanity. How we in this very moment actually exist in the future and that it is important to take a concious decision on how we want to approach it. What is your own relation to technology? Are you an early adopter, part of the mainstream group or perhaps you avoid shiny new things as long as possible? Since I love new gadgets, social networks and programs I definately feel at home with the early adopters.

Pingis Hadenius, Publisher at IDG held a very interesting session about courage. Pingis herself has made an eventful career journey in the media business and it was very rewarding to listen to her own experiences. As women we need to get better at taking on new challenges, says Pingis. Thinking that we need to be overqualified to have courage to take that new job/assignment/tasks is a recurring pattern. Courage, courage, courage. This is the key to making your dreams come true!

Pingis also spoke about the importance of maintaining a good balance between all aspects of life: professional, health, economy, ideal and social. Only you can determine what is important in your life and how you should prioritize and divide the 24 hours of each day.

I look forward to initiatives like WinIT and I will definitely be part of this network. Next event is arranged in March 2012 so I will keep you updated on my participation here.

Later this week I will share with you an interview with Pingis Hadenius.

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