AppleStore and the Genius Bar

Since I am a PC girl at heart, and haven’t had any issues with my iphone or ipad until recently I haven’t thought about the lack of Apple presence here in Sweden. When I was in the US this summer i visited Apple stores both in New York and in San Francisco and realized what a brilliant concept Apple has create.

Besides a geeky curiousity to visit “the Apple place of worship” which I titled it in an instagram picture from the New York store, I also had a reason for booking an appointment with their Genius Bar.

My ipad which accompanied me on this trip, decided to throw a hissy fit and refused to charge (15% in 24 hours) and rebooted itself every other minute. Much annoyed I went to see the Genius Bar, where a guy in a blue shirt took my iPad and did some tests on it. Hardware failure was the verdict and they would exchange my iPad for a new one of the same model. Unfortunately this would take a couple of days to order in and I was just about to return home to Sweden.

Here in Sweden I realized that there were no Apple Stores I could go to. Having bad experiences from shipping tech stuff for repairs I did not have any high hopes of using my iPad in any forseeable future. Much to my surprise the Apple support process was very quick and easy. I went online, created a ticket, Apple sent me instructions and prepaid shipping package through UPS.

Off went my iPad to the Netherlands and two days later I had a replacement ipad in my hand. The only trouble I had with the shipping was with UPS as it was a challenge to have them make deliveries at a time and place where it suited me ( I had to enlist my dear mother to baby-sit in my appartment and wait for the UPS guy to come buy).

Anyways, If my iPad just could have decided to postpone its tantrum a couple of weeks I could have visited the first Apple Store in Sweden which will open this weekend in Stockholm.

Well, the important thing is that I have a new working iPad. Perhaps I should book  a workshop session at the new store and have a reason to visit it.

The Apple Store in New York

The Apple Store in New York

The Apple Store in New York is open 24/7 and was filled with people everytime I passed it

Young men and women in blue t-shirts everywhere, ready to serve you with a smile.


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