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AppleStore and the Genius Bar

Since I am a PC girl at heart, and haven’t had any issues with my iphone or ipad until recently I haven’t thought about the lack of Apple presence here in Sweden. When I was in the US this summer i visited Apple stores both in New York and in San Francisco and realized what a brilliant concept Apple has create.

Besides a geeky curiousity to visit “the Apple place of worship” which I titled it in an instagram picture from the New York store, I also had a reason for booking an appointment with their Genius Bar.

My ipad which accompanied me on this trip, decided to throw a hissy fit and refused to charge (15% in 24 hours) and rebooted itself every other minute. Much annoyed I went to see the Genius Bar, where a guy in a blue shirt took my iPad and did some tests on it. Hardware failure was the verdict and they would exchange my iPad for a new one of the same model. Unfortunately this would take a couple of days to order in and I was just about to return home to Sweden.

Here in Sweden I realized that there were no Apple Stores I could go to. Having bad experiences from shipping tech stuff for repairs I did not have any high hopes of using my iPad in any forseeable future. Much to my surprise the Apple support process was very quick and easy. I went online, created a ticket, Apple sent me instructions and prepaid shipping package through UPS.

Off went my iPad to the Netherlands and two days later I had a replacement ipad in my hand. The only trouble I had with the shipping was with UPS as it was a challenge to have them make deliveries at a time and place where it suited me ( I had to enlist my dear mother to baby-sit in my appartment and wait for the UPS guy to come buy).

Anyways, If my iPad just could have decided to postpone its tantrum a couple of weeks I could have visited the first Apple Store in Sweden which will open this weekend in Stockholm.

Well, the important thing is that I have a new working iPad. Perhaps I should book  a workshop session at the new store and have a reason to visit it.

The Apple Store in New York

The Apple Store in New York

The Apple Store in New York is open 24/7 and was filled with people everytime I passed it

Young men and women in blue t-shirts everywhere, ready to serve you with a smile.



InDesign course – to learn is to grow!

I am a huge fan of Adobe’s products. Whether it is Première, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator or any other program, I love to get creative and loose track of time as I immerse myself in whatever project has caught my interest at the moment.

With my new e-magazine “TechWoman Magazine” I have the opportunity to get acquainted with yet another Adobe software – InDesign. It differs somewhat in the terminology and structure from what I am used to and as I want to be able to make the most out of the program I have enrolled in a four week nightcourse in InDesign 5.5.

Last night was my first lesson and I already got a few handy tips I can use in the October issue of the magazine.



Social Media Revolution 2012

The Social Media Revolution videos have been going around for a couple of years now on Youtube. I have seen them several times and often use them when holding lectures about Social Media.

Did you know that Facebook tops Google in weekly traffic? Take a look at this 2013 version of Social Media Revolution and see if you learn something new.


HBO Nordic – It’s about time!

Something I have always found extremely annoyingg about living in Sweden is that we always seem to get the latest TV-shows from the US after everyone else. It is not uncommon that we have to wait for several months after a season has been aired before we are finally able to see it.

I understand that there are issues with rights and TV-networks that don’t wish to buy expensive shows that might cancel after a season or two. However, it is 2012. I am more than willing to pay for see Games of Thrones or TrueBlood at the same time as our neighours in the west.

Even more importanly, since I am a huge Game of Thrones fan I really (!) want to be able to view all the extra material that HBO has released around the series in on their website and their ipad app. Both of these are however restriced to US residents only. Discrimination I say.

Well, now HBO has finally realized the potential of the Nordic market and are launching a standalone video streaming service that doesn’t require a premium cable subscription. I can assure you that you have made a lot of Swedes very happy now!

According to Mashable and reports coming in from IFA in Berlin HBO is partnering up with Samsung to offer this service native in some of their devices such as the Samsung Note 10.1.

HBO Nordic will launch its services in the middle of October and I know that I for one will sign up on day one and then spend the following hours watching season 5 of TrueBlood!

Some Game of Thrones souvenirs from the HBO store i New York.


US shopping spree- part 1

During my three week businesstrip to the US this summer, I found ample time to stroll through stores in New York, Palo Alto and San Francisco. Being a Tech Girl it is not hard to envision the general theme of my shopping results both for myself and some members of my family.

At the Computer History Museum I collected a “premium geek kit” for my older brother as a birthday present. How about a plug-and-play video-game with classics such as Space Invaders, Bubble Bubble and Packman, complete with an old-school joystick? Since I am aiming for the best-sister-in-the-world-award I thew in a couple of nice T-shirts, a Space Invaders card-deck and a geeky CPU card-game. (I’ll show my own shopping in another blogpost).

For my niece (4y) and nephew (3y) who both love the Angry Birds Game I found this cute set of PJ’s and dress. I especially like the female bird on the right! I think I will win the best-aunt-in-the-world award as well with these!

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